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  • BWFS550707

    55″ Floor Standing Mobile Charging Display, 4K FHD Cellphone Charging Station Kiosk, Digital Signage & Advertising Screen Totem

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  • BWFS650708

    65” LED Cell Phone Charging Station, Display Stand Alone Digital Display LCD w/ Built in WiFi

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  • BWWML0708

    8 Bay Cell Phone Charging Locker, Floorstand Charging Kiosks, Desktop and Wall Mounted Charging Lockers

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  • BWWMLV0709

    8 Bay Top Video Charging Locker, Secure Floorstand Charging Kiosks, Digital Screen & Other Media

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  • BWWML0909

    Central Pin Code Locker, Floorstand Charging Kiosks, Wall Mounted Charging Lockers, Desktop Charging Station

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  • BWWMLV0710

    Charging Cabinet for Tablets and Phones (20), UV-C light disinfection, USB Charging & LED indicator

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  • BWCC0102

    Charging Cabinet for Tablets and Phones (40), USB HUB tablet and phones cabinet charging with wheels

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  • BWWM0404

    Wall Mounted Digital Display, Charging Station, 4 Universal Fast-Charging Cables

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  • CTPP0101

    27,000 MAH AC Battery Pack, Portable Power Outlet, Mobile Charging Station, Lightweight Battery Pack

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