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New Year Resolutions for 2019—from Brightworks

As 2018 comes to a close with only a few short weeks to go, we put together these helpful resolutions for the New Year.

Here at Brightworks Charging, we never turn down an opportunity for self-improvement. As this year begins to close with only a few short weeks separating us from 2019, we decided to brainstorm some resolutions we could use in the New Year.

No Phone Before Bed
We love our phones – it’s one of the reasons we’re so passionate about mobile charging.

Unfortunately, this love can harm us if not properly monitored, which is why we’re going to strive to put our phones down as a nightly digital detox.

Countless studies have shown that phones and other mobile devices can affect our ability to fall asleep thanks in no small part to the lighting the screen uses.

While many new models of cell phones are coming up with solutions for this, we encourage you to take matters into your own hands and put your device down for the night about an hour before yourself.


Tidy Up for Efficiency and Safety
Have you ever been working on a big project, but finding that with every movement and mouse click your hands and arms are bumping into cords, bottles, wrappers, and more?

It’s incredibly frustrating and only causes stress! That’s why we’re committing to taking a 15-minute break near the end of each workday to clear our spaces of debris, and better organize cables for safety.

We encourage you to join us, if only for the sake of tidiness, and to consider using one of our chargers to fix those messy cables.

We personally recommend the Powerstrip Charging Dock so you can use one device to charge everything from your laptop to phones, tablets, and more all at once while keeping your desk clear of clutter.

Be Prepared
As the harsh winter weather will follow us straight into the New Year, we know it is important to always be prepared in the event of drastic snowfalls, floods, or any unforeseeable accidents.

In the New Year, we’re going to schedule monthly checks for preparedness kits for our vehicles and homes. Don’t have a preparedness kit?

Your resolution can be to make one, which you can begin assembling with suggestions from the Government of Canada with one of our personal favorites being a mobile phone charger!

We encourage you to check out our charging inventory to find a charger that would be right for you, with our personal recommendation being the 2 in 1 Power Bank for its ease of use and 3000 mAh capacity.

Have a Resolution to Share?
Already have a resolution in mind that you want to share or want more device recommendations?

Leave a comment below to share your ideas, how you are going to work to achieve your resolution, or what kind of charger you’re looking for.

We love to hear from our readers and are always sure to respond.


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