How often has your staff and operations been disrupted by a guest who needs their phone charged? Did you know that nearly 88% of guests will check and use their smartphones while in your establishment?   The average person checks their phone 46 times a day, or 3 times an hour. At venues worldwide, patrons are struggling to keep their electronic devices alive so that they can manage their professional life, social life, personal activities and keep in touch with their loved ones. This has caused disruption to hospitality staff and has increased frustration for guests.

Our innovative units can be customized to expose your brand and capture your audience. We are Canada’s Source for Mobile Device Charging Solutions.

Placement of phone charging stations will drive traffic to your venue and increase the amount of time your guests spend each visit. With the increased reliance on mobile devices, it is more important than ever for establishments to offer charging amenities to their guests and staff. Ensure your venues provides a way to help your guests stay charged and connected to family, friends or even a safe ride home.

  • #1 product for hospitality

    LightBox Display

    The options are endless with this unique product. Drive traffic, share a promotion, create advertising revenue – you name it, this LightBox can do it all. This sleek, wall-mounted charging station features 8 interchangeable, fast-charging, LED lighting, and a slick, easy to use poster box to highlight unique content. The LightBox is a quality charging solution that has large impact in areas of limited space.

  • #2 product for hospitality

    Wall Mount & Table Top Charging Station

    If you are looking for an option that isn’t invasive on limited real estate space, then this is the station for you. The wall mount station features 8 charging cables for all mobile devices, and LED lighting to enhance the customizable branding feature this station offers. This station is designed to be wall mounted, but can also be affixed to any table top.

  • #3 product for hospitality

    Table Tent Mobile Charging Station

    The most innovative and versatile charging solution where space and power are limited! This unit includes 6 interchange and retractable charging cables that will meet everyone’s needs. The built in battery has a capacity to fully charge up to 10 phones. The LED power indicators on the side of the unit provide a friendly reminder as to when to recharge this powerful device. Enhance the unit with custom branding for an even more impactful experience.

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