Have you noticed the crowd of students gathering around the electrical outlets in the classroom? Statistics show that 92% of students do last minute studying and 68% of students make last minute changes to their assignments via smartphone. On campuses worldwide, students are struggling to keep their electronic devices alive so that they can manage their school projects, juggle classes, student activities, study sessions and campus social life. This has caused disruption to teaching staff and reduced student engagement in the classroom.

Most campuses use text alerts to make campus-wide announcements, while professors send out assignments and digital updates via email and online forums. A dead battery not only limits student productivity and social connectivity, but it can pose a campus safety concern during times of emergency as well.

Placement of phone charging stations on campus can also help keep students in touch with their families while they are on the go. On average, a student sends out 73 texts a day and out of those texts, 30% of them are to a family member. For students who live on campus or away from home, mobile connectivity gives them an opportunity to stay connected with loved ones.

With the increased reliance on mobile devices, it is more important than ever for academic institutions to offer charging amenities to their students, faculty, and guests.

  • #1 product for education

    Power Floor Stand Charging Station

    This charging station is the perfect all-round solution for almost any application. This charging station features 8 heavy duty fast-charging cables for all mobile devices, and LED lighting to enhance the customizable branding feature this station offers.

  • #2 product for education

    8 Bay Cell Phone Charging Locker

    The most competitively priced and secure charging station in the market. This unit features eight separate lockable compartments that operate just like any hotel safe. Select a 4 digit PIN code and charge away. A master override code makes for easy phone retrieval should a guest forget their PIN code. Ideal for any business, conference centre, event venue, cinemas, theatres and sports stadiums. Available as wall mount or floor stand.

  • #3 product for education

    Bistro Table Charging Station

    One of our state of the art charging furniture products. Our table top options are ideal for lounge areas, trade shows and conferences, festivals and concerts, restaurants and bars, schools, and even retail locations. This charging station features 6 heavy-duty, braided fast-charging cables, as well as a wireless charging pad to support the latest mobile devices. Customized branding can be featured on the top of the table, as well as the sides to gain critical brand exposure.

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