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The average employee spends over 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. Smartphone ownership grew by 24% in Canada last year alone. Further, of all smartphone complaints, battery life is number one. In a world where work-life balance is increasingly important, keeping people connected is critical. That is why more offices and storefronts are opting out of water coolers and opting into charging stations. Offer your employees and guests something they need and will love with a Brightworks Charging cell phone charging station.

There are so many benefits to having a charging station in any corporate or retail environment. Employees, guests, customers and visitors have comfort knowing they can keep their phones charged. A 2014 study looked at where Canadians were using their smartphones most frequently…it was narrowed down to two key browsing locations – “On the Go,” and “At Work.”

Brightworks has worked with organizations across Canada. We understand how important it is for any corporate, office or retail space to feel alive, positive and charged. We offer charging stations for any space – from the lunchroom, to the lounge, from boardrooms and desktops to customer waiting rooms – we got it covered. No hardwired power? No issues at all…check out our portable power options that enable a seamless retrofit to any space.

  • #1 product for corporate

    PowerStrip Charging Station

    This is one of our most unique and versatile products. Its international compatibility truly makes it a necessity for any business professional, traveler, business or family. This unit has 6 interchangeable fast-charging cables (supports all models), two USB charging ports and two international AC outlets. This product is perfect for any location.

  • #2 product for corporate

    Bistro Table Charging Station

    One of our state of the art charging furniture products. Our table top options are ideal for lounge areas, trade shows and conferences, festivals and concerts, restaurants and bars, schools, and even retail locations. This charging station features 6 heavy-duty, braided fast-charging cables, as well as a wireless charging pad to support the latest mobile devices. Customized branding can be featured on the top of the table, as well as the sides to gain critical brand exposure.

  • #3 product for corporate

    Power Floor Stand Charging Station

    This charging station is the perfect all-round solution for almost any application. This charging station features 8 heavy duty fast-charging cables for all mobile devices, and LED lighting to enhance the customizable branding feature this station offers.

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