For the busy business professional….for the avid traveler….for every student….for every Mom, Dad, coach, teacher and tradesperson…that has ever run out of battery…….we are here for you.

The world is facing a low battery epidemic….people check their phones 150 times a day, or once every 6.5 minutes. Studies show that 94% of people that own a phone or mobile device feel STRESSED when they lose charge, leading to statistics indicating that each individual charges their devices 2.5 times per day.

Don’t become victim of the low battery epidemic. We have a variety of charging solutions for the home and a number of portable power options that are among the most powerful in the world. For those looking for serious backup power, check out the PLUG – the world’s most powerful battery pack.

  • #1 product for consumers

    Portable Power Outlet

    Introducing the most capable, powerful and versatile portable power solution on the market. This mobile unit can do it all – anytime, anywhere. Featuring a built in AC outlet, this unit can provide mobile power for anything – from laptops to other mobile devices, to essential equipment. This slick, lightweight battery pack features a 27,000mAh capacity and is truly the battery pack everyone needs. Now available in Europlug Type C format!

  • #2 product for consumers

    ThinCharge iPhone 6/6S Battery Case

    Introducing the sleekest charging solution ever for an iPhone. This case allows iPhone users to utilize up to 200% battery life by providing an additional 2600mAh of charging power. This case is powerful and protective and is the lightest solution on the market. Charge your iPhone anytime, anywhere.

  • #3 product for consumers

    PowerStrip Charging Station

    This is one of our most unique and versatile products. Its international compatibility truly makes it a necessity for any business professional, traveler, business or family. This unit has 6 interchangeable fast-charging cables (supports all models), two USB charging ports and two international AC outlets. This product is perfect for any location.

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