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Benefits of Mobile Phone Charging Stations At Shopping Malls

Bring your mall or shop into the future by providing an interactive experience with mobile charging stations that benefit your customers and you!

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Are you looking for new ways to enhance your shopping mall that don’t involve costly renovations or fiscally aggressive marketing campaigns?

We have the answer: providing mobile charging stations to your customers that also benefit you!

Whether you’re looking to advertise your stores more internally, grow your place in the community, or just help your guests out as they arrive, we have laid all the information you need below (and provided some examples).

Better Help Guests
Whether your customers are coming from out of town, or haven’t been to your mall in a while, an information booth or kiosk is a must at any shopping center.


These are also a fantastic place for a mobile charging station; with one station alone, such as the Tablet and Phone Charging Pad, your on-site representatives can allow any visitor to charge their mobile device while answering their questions, or helping them navigate the mall.

Advertise Your Stores
Did you know you can offer free charging to your patrons while also advertising your stores and sales?

With our 55″ Floor Standing Mobile Charging Display you can place a charging station anywhere and offer mobile charging while running ads on its 4K screen.

Think about it: you can effortlessly advertise upcoming sales, new store openings, or even rent out the ad space to those looking to reach a wider audience. Whether in your halls, food court, or outside stores, anyone can walk up to one of these bad boys and use one of its six charging ports for their Apple, Android, Blackberry, or virtually any device, while learning more about what they’d like to buy in nearby stores.

Grow Community Areas
Shopping centers and malls are becoming just as much about community as they are about shopping. From Christmas events like photos with Santa, to awareness week booths and on-site contests, shopping centers are a hub for what is happening in the community.

That means using your shopping center to draw participants for community events, and potential customers for you. A sleek and powerful charging station like the Power Floor Stand can help direct attention to community events with interchangeable ads, while also helping those passing by with a chance to charge their phone.

Upgrade Your Shopping Centre or Mall Today
See a charging station you like? Would you like to start a trial? Hit the chat icon to the right and start the conversation now, or comment with your questions so we can get you on your way today!


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  1. That’s a good idea to have a phone charging station. I would think that if you could lock your phone int her while it charged then that would be a good idea. I’ll have to consider going to a mall that would have something like that.

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