Is This the Charging Station That’s Right for You?

Sorting through all the possibilities when it comes to finding the right charging station can be overwhelming. There’s lots to choose from and you need the one that will increase your bottom line by appealing to a carefully crafted target market of your choice. There are a few features that you should be looking for to get the most for your business dollar. read more

Cell phone charging station must haves

You might be looking for a multi device charging station where people can stand or sit as they let their devices recharge. Charging tables are the perfect choice for a number of very good reasons.

•  They’re informal. They allow you to interact with attendees by branding. Having that one on one experience is critical to closing the sale in with today’s social media market generation. With an informal cell phone charging station that invites interaction you’re closer to accomplish this goal.
•  They are excellent branding tools. These multi device charging station choices can be customized with a logo to announce your brand at the trade show or event.
•  They increase interaction time. At any event, having one of these charging stations increases the time that potential customers spend interacting with your brand. read more

Charging table ideas that everyone will enjoy.

It’s not enough to find the right portable charging station for your budget and needs, you need to look for one that prospective clients will enjoy using. They will stoke interest in your products and services by proxy. Deciding on a charging table for your event is a good first step but you need to go further. Here’s a few ideas that will draw in traffic and prospective clients to these units. read more