Brightworks Charging: Cell Phone Charging Stations


We’ve just added new products to our growing inventory. Explore these top-selling favorites available now for rent, lease or own. Bring customers in and keep them in your place of business with the hottest charging stations from Brightworks Charging.

  • LOW PRICE - $695.00

    8 Dock Charging Station
    This product features eight re-chargeable battery packs to enable your guests to roam freely while they charge up.

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    Wifi Table Tent /w Videos
    It features a touch screen video display (600 x 1024), perfect for Festivals and Events, Tradeshows and Conferences and more!

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  • GET IT FOR $175.00

    The Charging Cube
    The Cube is sleek, compact, and offers a large 4 1/2” x 4 1/2” customizable
    graphics message area on both sides.

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Customize With Your Branding

You can customize most of our Brightworks mobile device charging solutions to become a part of your brand experience. It is a simple and cost effective way to improve customer engagement at trade shows, festivals, showrooms, restaurants, events, waiting areas… anywhere someone needs a charge.